• Why use Set Global, Inc?

    Working with us to outsource your freight allows your company to cut major costs, and focus on your core business activity. Set Global, Inc specializes in providing our customers with the best transportation service at the most competitive prices. And today, the business environment requires strict adherence to top level transportation services of a  company’s product -- Some of the key issues to focus on are customer cost containment and customer satisfaction. If these aspects are managed properly, bottom line profitability will most certainly see a major impact.

  • How good is Set Global Service Quality?

    Set Global, Inc. is committed to providing damage-free, on-time pick-up and delivery of all your freight. Communication is one of our strongest assets and we keep you informed about your freight every step of the way; from pick-up to final delivery.

  • How can you assure me that you will  meet my needs?

    As a trusted Transport Broker, we have access to thousands of qualified, carriers with top level reputation. This allows us the flexible resources to meet all your shipping needs no matter how tough they may be.

  • How Competitive is your Pricing?

    We have a proven record as a transportation broker. Our market rates are the most competitive of all the major transport brokers in the country. When you combine our rates with the highest available quality of service, you not only get a bargain, but most importantly peace of mind. 

  • How Accurate is your Billing:

    You are assured accurate billing of your line haul, fuel surcharge and any additional charges. This lowers your administrative time and ensures proper payment.

  • How versatile is your Service:

    We have the most  flexible variety  of Transport Broker services. This makes us a very valuable  transportation partner to you. Here is what we provide:

    1. Equipment: dry vans, temperature controlled reefers, flatbeds and other specialized equipment.
    2. Freight auditing and payment of bills.
  • What regions does Set Global service?

    Set Global, Inc. handles nationwide transportation to the 48 states, Canada and Mexico, with inbound and outbound Freight Transport Services.   

  • How does Set Global determine freight rates for my shipments?

    Our freight management department monitors market conditions, fuel surcharge variations, seasonal variations of freight,  and the available  equipment capacity based on regional needs. We use this information to not only determine our rates but also to provide you with the most competitive price/service ratio in the market.

  • Where do I send my completed carrier information?

    You can either fax to the Carrier Services Unit  at 213.210-1445, or e-mail it to:

  • Where do I send my bills?

    Send your bills directly to our corporate headquarters: 

      Set Global, Inc.

      110 E. 9th St. Suite C-843 Los Angeles, CA 90015

      Fax: 213-624-4488

  • Should  I fax in my bills or do you require me to  mail them?

    Depending on the load you transport, we do accept clear faxed copies; e-mailing the bills in addition is often a good idea. But always make sure to check with the broker that arranged the load for you.

  • Does Set Global, Inc. offer electronic deposit?

    No we do not

  • How do I check my payment status?

    Call the corporate office and gave your Load ID number along with all other load information handy.

  • What are Set Global's payment terms?

    Please consult the Carrier section of the web site for full details. In short, however, se pay net 14 days. 

  • Are there restrictions to receiving Comchecks/Quick pay?

    Yes there are. Factoring your bills, will give you permission in writing from your factoring company. This will allow advances. 


  • What is the cut-off time for getting a Comchek settlement?

    4:30 p.m. western standard time. This  way our  brokers will have  enough time to enter and update your information so that your invoice can be paid..

  • Who do I talk to if I have a  question about a deduction?

    Call the corporate headquarters.

  • Does Set Global, Inc.  offer Quick Pay?

    Set Global, Inc. does offer quick pay with Comchek.

  • Is there a fee for a Comchek/Quick Pay?

    Yes, the is the greater of 2% or $25.

  • How much can I get for a fuel advance?

    40%, after your load has been picked up.

  • My question is not listed here, who can I call?

    E-mail Mark at or call (213) 675-4674